What you should wear when you are hiking depends on a number of factors. Time of year, terrain, the weight of your gear, current weather, among others all factor in. This article will focus on a typical summer day hike on easy to moderate terrain.

 For an easy summer day hike, the conditions will probably be warm, you probably won’t have a lot of weight on your back, and the terrain probably won’t be too technically challenging. In these conditions, wear a non-cotton lightweight wicking t-shirt. This will pull the sweat away from your body, help you stay cool while you’re hiking, and will dry quickly when you stop. Wear a non-cotton pair of comfortable shorts with plenty of large zip or button pockets for small pieces of gear you want quickly accessible, like a map and a compass.

 You should forego the heavy weight hiking boots, and instead go with trail running shoes, or even road running shoes. Both are much lighter and will keep you happier after you have gone a few miles. Trail running shoes tend to have much grippier soles, but are a little heavier. You can wear cotton socks, but be sure to pack an extra pair or two.

 If you sweat a lot, you can wear a bandana, an elastic sweat band, or a baseball cap to keep the sweat from dripping in your eyes, which can be very painful. Don’t underestimate the amount of sweating you will do.

 Protect yourself from UV exposure by wearing a high SPF, sweat proof sun block, and sunglasses. Finally, wear or bring along some bug repellent. Nothing ruins a hike faster than having to swat at mosquitoes constantly.


What to wear when hiking

What to wear when hiking