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What do you need to go hiking?

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Fri - 07 Aug 2009 - 08:32 PM

Your hiking gear list will vary substantially depending on many factors: length of hike, time of year, type of terrain, among many others. For example, a one or two night summer hike in moderate terrain would look like the following.

 You will need a mid-size backpack, bigger than a day pack, but not expedition size. This should be large enough for all your gear, and if it is not, you probably are bringing along too much and will regret all the weight.

 A lightweight 40 degree bag should be sufficient for summer camping, and you can probably find one that is reasonably priced. Don’t choose a bag with a temperature rating higher than 40, or you may find yourself struggling to stay warm on those crisp summer nights. Don’t forget a sleeping pad. There are very reasonably priced closed cell pads which are sufficient.

 Plan to bring a small camp stove to cook with. You can make a campfire in some areas, but don’t rely on that for cooking. There are two major types of camp stoves available: white gas stoves and IsoPro canister stoves. IsoPro canister stoves are great in the summer, and there are some extremely lightweight options available. Pack a small liter pot to cook with, aluminum or titanium.

 Pack about 2 pounds of food per day. Plan to cook only meals requiring boiling water, as this will keep the cooking and cleaning process very simple. There are some great just-add-water meals available at camping supply stores.

 Pack an extra set of clothes, including some warm clothing, to help you in an emergency or of your first set gets wet.

 Pack a small tent even if you plan to sleep in a lean-to shelter. You may not make it to the shelter, or you may find that the shelter is full.

 There are many other small items you will need, but the ones above should be the bulkiest and most expensive. As you are packing, go through all of your activities in your head and make a list of everything you will need. Knowledge from proper preparation can save you time, money, and hassles. In worst cases, preparation can save your life, or the lives of your loved ones, in an emergency. A good way to be prepared for various life-threatening situations, and more is to check out The Ultimate Collection of Survival and Security eBooks.

What do you need to go hiking?

What do you need to go hiking?

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What to bring camping?

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Fri - 07 Aug 2009 - 07:57 PM

What to bring camping is a topic that will include alot of common sense items, as well as, some things that can easily be overlooked, yet are potentially crucial to your camping adventure.

A simple list by a young friend, provides an overview of essential things to include in your pre-camping checklist:

When we go camping we should bring our own clothes. Certainly, also bring our own towel to wipe when we need. It may be helpful to also bring our own comb to comb our hair. A lightweight flashlight will always be useful to us so that we can see things when the lights go out. We can carry our own pillows so that we can rest our heads comfortably in the night. Some sheets to cover ourselves so that we can protect ourselves from the chills in the night. Taking our own soaps can prevent skin problems while away on your hike. We should also take a mosquito coil and a matchbox with us so that we can sleep peacefully in the night if there is lot of mosquitoes, although some prefer a bug net. Think about taking general medicines to help from sickness during camping. Take your mug with and you will be surprised the many uses, for instance bathing and other activities which require the carrying or use of liquids or water. Take your own handkerchiefs so that you won’t get unneeded germs from other people, in the event one falls ill. Bandages are lightweight, and helpful in case of minor cuts or wounds during camping and hiking. Some also suggest to take ear plugs with us so that we can sleep peacefully in the night if there is lot of noise. We should also have our own cell phone with us so that we can keep in touch with friends if we are lost. We can even keep in touch with family members during that time.

Of course, these are only a few of the items which can provide you with a fully prepared pack for your trip, but at least you get thinking about what personal items you feel are essential for you. And if this is a get-away trip, to relieve you of stresses from the daily work environment, you may consider keeping that cell phone off for the entire trip, and only use it for emergencies. Either way you can cut camping headaches with advice from experienced experts. Start by checking out these “12 Steps”


What to Bring Camping

What to Bring Camping

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